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The Four Friends

a pop up show with a giant pop up book that
can pop up anywhere

for ages 4-104

Donkey doesn’t feel useful any more and is ready for new adventures. As he sets off he starts to sing and along the way makes new friends and they all sing together. Have you ever heard animals sing..?
Well the noise these animals made was enough to frighten away some dangerous robbers and they all end up living happily together in a little house in the woods.
A show about how it’s never too late to find your own voice and make new friends. Puppetry, masks and bags of audience interaction make this a fun and rowdy show for everyone.

Technical Specifications

Running time: 35 minutes

Get in / Get out times: 1 hour / 30 minutes

Company: 1 performer

Audience size: 80

for Outdoors:

Space: clear, quiet space 4m x 4m

Sound: use own battery powered amp, mic + mp3


for Indoors:

Access to 13amp power

Space: clear playing area 2m x 2m

Sound: use own amp, mic + mp3

Lighting: general cover

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IMG_4610 (1).jpeg
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