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Shadow Puppet Making tips

Now you have your Luminous Tales Shadow Puppet kit, here are a few helpful hints and tips to help you make your shadow puppet the best it can be. 

All you will need in addition to this kit is some clear sticky tape, a stapler and light.

And, don't forget, it doesn't have to look neat and tidy as the shadow will always look beautiful and will hide any mistakes! Have fun.

Starting off...

Before you start you might want to stick the page to an old cereal packet to make your shadow puppet stronger but your puppet will work without doing this.

Then cut round the silhouettes. You don't have to do this all in one go. I start by cutting out very roughly then you can go back in afterwards and cut out the fiddly bits from the outside in.

Then cut out the white pieces in the puppet. TIP: gently bend your puppet to start cutting the middle pieces.

2 cutting tip.png
4 eye stick.png
4 eye stick.png

The puppet eye...

You can cut out the whole eye then trim down the bit you have cut out, put a piece of clear sticky tape across the eye and then stick the smaller circle back on to give your puppet's eye a pupil.

Adding colour...

Cut out pieces of colour cellophane, or you could find some old sweetie wrappers to add more colours. Stick the cellophane round the edges of the holes. And remember, you don't have to be neat, you can trim off the edges afterwards and none of this will be seen in shadow!

5 rough sticking.png
7 stapler a.png

Adding the stick...

Staple the piece of masking tape attached to the end of the stick onto your puppet along the pale marked line. You want the stick to be flexible so you can move your puppet from above, from below and at right angles to the shadow puppet screen.

Making a Shadow Play

Find a light. This could be a torch, a lamp or the light from a phone.

Shine the light at a white surface. This could be a wall, a sheet or a piece of paper.

Move your puppet around with the stick and give it a voice. Find another puppet to have a conversation with and tell you friends and family a story.


10 shadow.png
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