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The Strawberries in the Snow

Mrs F image 7.png

Mrs Holly Frost lives with her goose keeping an eye on the world below. When she bakes the sun shines, when she hangs up her washing it rains and when she shakes out her bedding soft feathery snowflakes fall, covering the earth in a blanket of snow.


Poor little Sonia has been sent out in the blizzard to look for strawberries. She has no hat, no coat and she can hear the wolves getting closer. She goes on an adventure through the seasons from crisp white paper pages to bright colourful pop-up scenes in a show about the changes in the seasons, unseasonal weather patterns, overcoming adversity and the transformative power of kindness.

A gentle story of intergenerational friendship where kindness is rewarded and the ungrateful get their comeuppance with live action and puppetry combined with beautifully illustrated pop-up paper theatre.

Touring Spring 2025

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