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The Stars in the Sky

for ages 4-104

available for booking for any small venue, library, school, gallery, festival....

"She she wouldn’t have this and she wouldn’t have that it was only the stars she would have…. "

Once on a time and twice on a time there was an old lady who wanted to play with the stars... Based on a traditional folktale, this is a magical midwinter shadow puppet show told with a ‘Crankie”, popular in the 19th century and known as 'moving panoramas’, the background scrolls around turned by a wooden handle. 


One night she sets out to see if she can reach the stars in the sky. With advice from a pixie she reaches the stairs without steps that take her into the sky only to find all the stars have disappeared. Helped by an assortment of strange and wondrous creatures who tell her if she won’t go home, she must go forward and either she will reach the stars in the sky or she’ll be elsewhere and the land of Elsewhere is where she ends up.

Technical Specifications

Space: a good blackout

Running Time: 40 minutes [no interval]

Get in / Get out times: 90mins  / 45 mins

Sound: own sound supplied

Lighting: general cover

Company: 1 performer

Capacity: 100

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Stars 6.jpeg
Stars In the Sky at Brundall Library.jpeg

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