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The Witch and the Egg

One performer and a flock of shadow puppets tell a joyful and heartwarming story about friends, foolishness and flying away.

Witch does what witches do best… fly around scaring people and eating biscuits. She’s a miserable, bad tempered old witch who doesn’t like company. The last thing she wants in her life is an EGG!

Should she have it for breakfast or hatch it? And what will she do once it hatches? Her neighbours have plenty of advice for her but Witch decides to ignore them and go it alone. This show is an adaptation of the book 'The Witch's Egg' by Madeleine Edmondson.

Humour, audience engagement and shadow puppetry tell the story of a lonely old witch who finds an egg which takes her on an adventure that changes her life forever.

A simple set up and beautiful visuals means this show works anywhere (with a reasonable blackout) and will delight and entertain everyone from 3-103.

A specially commissioned sound track adds subtlety and emotion to the performance creating a fully rounded audio-visual experience.

After the performance the audience are invited to stay and play with the shadow puppets. In a simple open ended session, children and their families can discover the fun in playing with shadows and re-telling the story in their own words.

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